Corporate Gifts

We have ideas for you to make your relatives, friends and colleagues happy. We will choose the most appropriate wine, gift set for you or will recommend to purchase a gift card for implementing an utter flight of fancy.


The collaboration of the award-winning wine critic Rene Gabriel and glass creator Siegfield Seidl resulted in creation of a universal wine glass GABRIEL- GLAS. This glass will be perfectly appropriate for all typed of wine starting with red wine and white wine and to sparkling and sweet wines. The glass is even appropriate for whiskeys and distinguished beer grades. The bottom part of the glass has a V shape slightly curved outside, therefore wine is widely spread, allowing for a larger air contact surface. This gives an instantaneous decantation effect.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a great choice, if you don’t know tastes of the person you make gift to and you may not make a mistake or don’t have time to look for the real gift! You can make more than just a simple gift – present knowledge and emotions! We offer a possibility to purchase an invitation to any tasting in Vīnoga store.

Collection wines and non-typical bottles

We offer the best Burgundian, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Tuscan wines and wines of other famous regions. You can purchase elegant champagne, sparkling and rose wine, as well as great spirits at our store to add to your collection.

Choose wine in Magnum, Jeroboam or even Balthazar bottle.